• paulesitti
    I PasJel
    Everbright Blue Cream is my daily regime to protect my skin against UVB rays!
  • libyaa
    PasJel Cherry Tender is the perfect soothing and aromatic face cream. I have really fallen in love with this product!
  • khunfour
    I PasJel
    PasJel Precious Skin is the perfect body cream suitable for the cold / winter season. Be careful of imitation products!
  • jam_nekojump
    I PasJel
    I really love the PasJel Precious Skin body cream. It really helps to reduce my stretch marks!
  • khunpearr
    I PasJel
    I can maintain my smooth skin with PasJel Sweet Sugar Scrub and PasJel Everbright Body Cream. Thank you creating these wonderful products!
  • prwgf
    I PasJel
    After a long day of perspiration, PasJel Sweet Sugar Scrub is the first choice to get rid of my exhaustion!

User Reviews

  • desmay
    I PasJel
    PasJel Fluffy Favor Multifunctional Cream is the best ever skincare product! Thank you PasJel for creating such a great product!
  • pairadkloud
    I PasJel
    I love PasJel Everbright Blue Body Cream! Thank you for giving us this wonderful product!
  • litarinrapat
    I PasJel
    This is my second time buying the whole set of PasJel products. This proves how good and effective PasJel is!
  • newclear_hansa
    I PasJel
    PasJel is the definition of smooth skin.
  • joychonticha
    I PasJel
    Everyone says PasJel Sweet Sugar Scrub is very soothing and aromatic. I can't wait to try it tonight!
  • zanokk
    I PasJel
    It is easy to take care of my skin after a hard day at work with the PasJel Sweet Sugar Scrub and PasJel Everbright Blue Body Lotion regime!

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