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This PasJel Singapore online retail store ( is fully owned and managed by La Bellezza International Pte Ltd.

La Bellezza is the Exclusive Authorized Distributor for PasJel in Singapore, appointed by PasJel International Company Limited (Thailand).

We are an international company specializing in Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare products. Our company's core values are:

  1. Product Safety
  2. Product Quality & Effectiveness
  3. Customer Service Excellence

About PasJel

PasJel JaJaa

PasJel was a little girl's dream of creating her own skincare brand. PasJel is a play on the word “pastel” and the first letter of its founder’s nickname “Jajaa” Panitwarocha.

A budding entrepreneur with a talent for formulating skincare products, marketing and amazing Photoshop skills, Jajaa created the brand in her own backyard, and turned that dream into reality.

The safety and effectiveness of PasJel was the reason why it gained immense popularity and quickly expanded to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and China. After a long wait, PasJel is now officially here in Singapore. Bring Back Your Baby Skin today!

  • FDA (Thailand) Compliant
  • GMP Certified
  • HSA (Singapore) Compliant
  • ASEAN Cosmetic Directive Compliant

PasJel products consists of two series: PasJel and PasJel Premiere. There are currently 13 PasJel products available in the market.

PasJel is now available in Singapore through! We are the Sole Authorized Distributor in Singapore!

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QQ : 2947661881

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