Wanna Be a PasJel Agent in Singapore?

Dear all Singapore merchants,

Do you have a shop or store and are interested to retail PasJel? We are the Exclusive Authorized Distributor for PasJel products in Singapore. All our products are genuine, FDA approved, GMP approved, and HSA compliant.

Contact us at sales@pasjelinternational.com to find out more about our wholesale prices and how we can help you to sell PasJel successfully!

PasJel's rising popularity has caught the interests of unscrupulous counterfeiters. There have been confirmed reports of imitation products being sold in the market! Be wary of where you purchase your products from!

You do not want be responsible for any adverse consequences if your customers suffer from any adverse reactions due to prohibited substances in counterfeit products.

Beware of:

  1. Overseas wholesalers (including Thailand!) who offer to sell and ship products into Singapore for ridiculously low prices.
  2. Products originating from the China region, as there are many fakes being manufactured there.

All our products are direct from Pasjel International Company Limited, the company behind the successful brand.

Buy original, buy PasJel from www.PasJelBabySkin.SG today. Bring Back Your Baby Skin!

PasJel Singapore Exclusive Authorized Distributor