Your Safety is Our Priority

Safety Information

We understand that product safety is very important to all our clients.

Product safety, is just as important as product effectiveness. PasJel is guaranteed steroid free and does not contain any harmful ingredients.

All PasJel products are:

  • FDA (Thailand) Compliant
  • GMP Certified
  • HSA (Singapore) Compliant
  • ASEAN Cosmetic Directive Compliant

Health Sciences Authority of Singapore

The ASEAN Cosmetic Directive is the governing set of regulations for cosmetic and skincare products in ASEAN countries including Singapore and Thailand.

PasJel products are compliant with the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive, and therefore FDA (Thailand) compliant, and Health Sciences Authority of Singapore compliant.

All 13 PasJel products are registered with the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore.

HSA Registered HSA Registered

Good Manufacturing Practice

Our three manufacturers produce PasJel under the license of PasJel International Co Ltd:

  1. Surathin International  Co., Ltd.
  2. PCCA Laboratory Co., Ltd.
  3. Milott Laboratories Co., Ltd.

All three of our manufacturers are GMP certified.