Zoe Raymond

Zoe Raymond ♥ PasJel

"EverBright Blue Lotion's texture is lighter, it is perfect for day use, after the morning shower. As it does not leave a sticky residue/ feeling, I have put it on my work desk for more regular moisturizing throughout the day"

Donna Goh

Donna Goh ♥ PasJel

"Gone were the days when sunblock used to be sticky, oily and leaves your face feeling and looking weird after application. I love how this sunblock is colourless and glides on so well on your skin!!!"

Katty Tan

Katty Tan ♥ PasJel

"The texture of PasJel Precious Skin Body Cream is not oily at all. Honestly i love how light my skin feels after I have applied them. My skin becomes instantly smoother and softer."

Nicole Chang

Nicole Chang ♥ PasJel

"I applied PasJel Fluffy Favour Multifunctional Cream on my face and noticed that it smoothened out skin and my skin really felt younger!"

Sheena Phua

Sheena Phua ♥ PasJel

"I'm surprised how FAST their products get absorbed onto my skin leaving it smooth and NON greasy :D"

Naomi Liu

Naomi Liu ♥ PasJel

The best thing about PasJel is that it has the best scent ever! Non greasy, no sticky feeling after application. My skin feels smooth and supple with the best scent that I've ever tried!!

Sabrina Seah

Sabrina Seah ♥ PasJel

I really love the scent of Everbright Blue Body Cream! It smells really soothing and nice.. The cream is very rich and yet won't leave a sticky feel, instead my skin becomes instantly smoother and softer!

Cynthia Kuang

Cynthia ♥ PasJel

If you always face problems with sunblock being sticky after each application then you're gonna love PasJel Sun Fighting Gel! My face felt really smooth after application. Thank you PasJel!!

Kalesta Leah

Kalesta Leah ♥ PasJel

I'm totally a fan of their products and Fluffy Favour is one of my favorites so far. It helps to rejuvenate, reduce scars, heal acne and reduce fine line and wrinkles like a bottle of Botox. Now I'm able to spend my Xmas with good complexion.

Aylna Neo

Aylna Neo ♥ PasJel

PasJel Everbright Blue Body Lotion is the perfect body lotion to illuminate your skin. Power packed with skin brightening ingredients such as Peppermint Extract, Tea Tree Oil and Collagen to whiten, freshen, and protect your skin from UVB, making your skin bright and fresh.

Jessica Lim

Jessica Lim♥ PasJel

PasJel Precious Skin Body Cream helps with skin discoloration, scarring, wrinkles and stretch mark problems. I used to be really skinny before puberty and this really helped with the stretch marks around my bum!

Maggie K

Maggie K♥ PasJel

Sun Fighting Gel's texture and application felt like one of my makeup primers. It leaves skin super smooth after applying. Too smooth that I thought it was oily but is actually not. It leaves NO TRACE BEHIND AT ALL.